Chérut FINE JEWELRY was founded in 2015 by Creative Director Shani Erez.
Her extensive background in jewelry and fashion accessories design includes a BA in Jewelry Design and a Master of Arts in Design and Applied Arts from Richemont's Creative Academy & Design Lab in Milan.
Shani draws inspiration from her passion for minimalist movements in art and design, as well as her broad childhood memories from various surroundings around the globe. after living in Brussels, Buenos Aires, Bangkok, Tel Aviv and Milan; Shani considers herself a citizen of the world, aiming to design statement jewelry pieces that appeal to every woman. Crafted by hand in ethically sourced 18K gold, natural diamonds and gemstones in Tel Aviv;
the Chérut collection strives to reinterpret the concept of fine jewelry with delicate,elegant and feminine jewelry pieces that are bold, modern and edgy.