Let's talk about hearts <3 Heart Shaped Diamonds.

I noticed Hearts are very popular lately, especially for gifts and declarations of love. Some may think they're a cliché or kitschy, but I've always been a fan and advocate! I mean, what a fantastic way to show your love; A piece of jewelry set with a beautiful Diamond Heart. Like this Engagement Ring I designed a while ago for a grand proposal, still one of my all time favorites. 


And it's not all about romantic gestures. A client of ours recently contacted me saying she would like to make something beautiful for her 3 grown daughters. She said to me, "As you grow old you realize you won't be around here forever, and I want each of them to have a diamond heart necklace from me, this way I will always be close to their hearts."

Heart cut diamonds can be tricky. Like all fancy shaped diamonds, they are rare and cut differently each time. So you will find some hearts are "chubbier" with wider shoulders, some are "skinny" and elongated and some are moderate in proportions. Finding this triplet wasn't an easy task, considering they had to weight the same, have similar color and clarity grades, and most importantly have that great luster - this liveliness and extra sparkle you can only see in real life.

Another client of ours wanted a quirky design for his girlfriend. His nickname for her is "monkey" and he wanted to incorporate that with his love for her. I created an original design symbolizing those two concepts in one ring; A diamond heart with a monkey tail. I admire the ones that dare to be different, think outside of the box, and choose to propose with a ring that actually means something and conveys an idea only they understand. So romantic!


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" If a girl says not to get her a birthday present that means get me a birthday present and make sure it's jewelry. "

Kami Garcia